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  • Review both the individual report information and group Evaluation Rubrics. I have made copies of the rubric which are available in the classroom. This explains what's expected of you for the final project. You should refer to this throughout your project to be sure you're on the right track.


  • Decide as a group if you want to present your information.  This must be done using PowerPoint or a brochure. 


  • Research your information on your state.  Remember all of the above items listed under the Task button must be researched.


  • Prepare your presentation.  Remember this is done as a group.


  • Prepare your written report.  Remember this is done individually. 


You can use the following Websites: 

America’s Story:  Explore the States

NetState –

 InfoPlease:  The Fifty States –

KidSpace at the Internet Public Library Stately Knowledge –

 The US50 – A Guide to the 50 States -